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The Flow Lab

Fluid flowing through a fracture

Flow In Textured Fracture — Pulse of red fluid (false colored) flows through a facture filled with water and entrapped air.

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Flow And Transport Processes Lab: People: Photographs

Many slides and photos were taken of experiments, fewer of those running the experiments. For this reason there are only a limited number of photos of investigators and students who worked in the lab.

Augering a Sample

Bob Glass hard at work collecting soil samples on the Fernald Site.
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AMP Data Discussion

Matt Winburn and Vince Tidwell discussing Gas Permeameter(AMP) data.
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Adjusting the Chamber

Don Fox inspects the fracture test cell prior to running an experiment.
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Watching the data

Will Peplinski kicks back while an IPLab script crunches image data.
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Experimental Debug

Craig Ginn (back only) and Kerim Martinez working on hardware-software interactions.
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Field Data Collection

Jim Brainard infiltrates a red dyed tracer into the soil column.
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Fracture Adjust

Russ Detweiler adjusts the torque on an experimental test cell.
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Craig Roepke testing for the dangers of tobacco.
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